Monday, March 9, 2009

spring in our step

Spring is so close!! We ventured out to the park with the Kinard fam on Saturday. The kids are getting to such a playful age together--here are a few pics.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We have a new family member! No, it's not in human baby form or superhero form for that matter.

Her name is Abby.

Her family had her since she was a pup. They have a one year old little boy who is dreadfully allergic to her. So they tried keeping her in the laundry room, medical treatments for the baby and nothing was working. Some friends of mine at lunch were talking about it & how sad it was because the family was heartbroken. It made me think of Max and if one of the kids were sick related to him. What would we do? I would be sick to think of him somewhere that might not be anything less than a loving family and a home. So Abby has joined our family.

She is 15. Yes, 15. She love tennis balls, her pink pig toy....and in traditional Jack Russell style, insists on sleeping under the covers.

She is TINY too!!! Max looks like a fat horsey compared to her! Joe had to redo the fence for 2 days straight and even built her a little ramp to help her in/out of the dog door. She & Max aren't exactly BFF's yet, but she is coming around. We are giving her her space to adjust.
A few pictures. And more to come! Please welcome Abby to our family!!