Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Update

So sorry that I've neglected all of you! My schedule has been a little crazy the last week or so. Not a whole lot happening around here. Joe was kind enough to handle some laundry last week and the little video camera my dad got us that i've been using to post videos....uh, let's just say that the camera got a good cleaning too. Sufficed to say, we ordered a new one on Amazon yesterday.

I'll just post some of my latest pictures.

A few of Jay, hanging out on Ellie's bed. He is sitting up--what seems like a little more balanced these days. He is definitely getting more personality and knows what he wants. He watches Ellie like a hawk & smiles all the time at her--even laughs at her when she dances around.

I took Ellie to get her haircut last weekend too. For those of you not familiar with my curly-haired cutie, she has CURLS!!! Lots of them. The gals in her schools say, "her hair is wild" but they love it.

So I took her to the fancy place in Buckhead this time. I wish they would cut my hair.

So here is the before picture...

And here is the during picture. ...note, the lollipop and that she watching THE BEE MOVIE in front of her.
And this would be the AFTER picture. Notice all the cr*p (i'm trying to not curse, since this is a family site) she racked up on ...the sunglasses, the blue jewels in her hair, the new Tinkerbell purse.

So she had a great weekend last weekend too....her favorite idol came for a short afternoon visit.

"Mommy, I want to play with Sam, she is my cousin and my friend" Sam popped over and they hung out outside. They helped me plant basil in the garden and then we sipped on a little chocolate rice milk & ate popcorn. They are so adorable together. I really hope they are close cousins & friends the way Jill & I are. I miss you, Jill. Where are you???????

So this past weekend was a little nuts. We had people over on Saturday to help receive our piano. We ate & drank and watched the rain outside. Sunday was uneventful with the rain.

More to come--i just need the week to catch up!!!
Hope everyone is doing well. Let me know how you are.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daddy Day

Every couple weeks Ellie stays home & has a daddy day with Joe. Today they went with Jim to play Frisbee Golf at Kennsaw Mountain.
They had a great time!! At dinner, Ellie was so worn out she asked to go to bed?!! Seriously, she was in bed at 7 o'clock! A REAL MIRACLE.

This is Jim, throwing the frisbee.

Ellie throwing the's behind her. She's workin' on her aim.

She didn't quite grasp the idea of "throwing it in the basket" she just walked up & put it in. Always a winner in my book though.

All these pictures were taken with Ellie's Fisher Price camera too....hahaha.

I wish i had a frisbee golf day!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

lazy days

Today is fairly uneventful, which is a good thing.
Here are a few recent photos.

The photos of Jay in the stripes are a couple of my favorites. He was in a very happy mood and looks like a little pea in a pod. He is so sweet and loves to chew on everything..especially my nose. ouch.

We were trying...or I was trying to get them ready to go to the park this morning but Ellie insisted on reading Jay a few books. I don't have a chair for him in that room, so the laundry basket had to do...he didn't seem to mind. Park Pictures.....

Jay is getting used to his walker. It's great for me because I don't have to hold him or worry about him falling out of a bouncy seat. Ellie & I made our own popsicles or as she calls them "poss-sicles." First we made the orange juice from that frozen concentrate thingy. Then we poured them into one of those IKEA Ice Pop Makers. It was a nice lazy weekend.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fhunder Bunny to the Rescue

Last night we had a terrific thunderstorm. Loads of lightening & thunder. Ellie has never been scared of, well anything except when a large group of ducks were following her around at a petting zoo and maybe that giant pig--but that pig was even making me a little uneasy. haha.

I don't know that she is scared or just doesn't like the "Fhunder." Nonetheless, she walks around with her hands over her ears until it stops. I used to tell her it's just the clouds clapping and dancing. That lasted until about 2 months ago. So I made use of one of her gazillion stuffed animals.

Meet "Fhunder Bunny." A little bunny from PBK that she now holds when she gets scared of the thunder.

So we are aren't exactly on top of having consistent bedtimes. we're workin' on it people. there are only so many battles i can win around here. so i figure with the storms, there is no way she will go to sleep. but I have to at least try. In my favor: SHE IS TIRED!! wahoo.

side story: she wasn't napping at school, and it was a slow work day, so I snuck her outta school & she came to work with me...go ahead, say it--bad mama!! I don't care. any extra time we get together, just her & I, is gravy & it makes me happy--even if she totally reprogrammed my office television to only speak spanish. anyway, that is WHY she is so tired.

We go through the routine. reading stories...all the while holding her ears & Fhunder Bunny...and she falls asleep. It was so pitiful & so funny sweet at the same time--even an hour later still holding her ear & Fhunder Bunny, I had to break out the night-time setting on my camera.

Am I the only one out there taking pictures of their kids when they are sleeping??

Friday, April 11, 2008

Who is Who????

Friday is so amazing how much they look alike!! Look at those chubby cheeks!! as my Grandma used to say blei-eyin harah-poo-poo.
So I don't know what it means either, but she was always so cute when she said it. I asked my only expert via instant messenger. Yes, my brother, Michael.

findling67: blei-eyin harah literally means without the evil eye
ShuttlePrincess: what is poo poo
findling67: like sho sho
findling67: go away evil eye
findling67: you should only have good things
findling67: thank goodness as is well
findling67: we're so great
findling67: blah blah

blei-eyin harah-poo-poo to all of you!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

JAY, uhhh, and Max....roll over.

Jay is turning into such a little wiggler. Every time I put him down--he flips over, haha.
Very exciting milestone here people.
I think he is enjoying the world from a new angle.

TAKE 2..without Max.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

night night time..not happening.

As a general reward, uhhhh, okay, I'll say it..this is what I do to make her actually listen to me.... Ellie gets to watch a television show in our bed. This is very exciting to a 3 year old--hence the good ol' fashioned bribery. So here she is, happy as a clam, watching "Dinosaurs" in my bed.

So, yes, this also means....... draaaama. For the love of pete..this girl WILL NOT go to bed when she is supposed to. She will finally go down....pretend she is sleeping & then you hear it.

The droning.....
"mmmmmmmmmooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyyy, daaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy, reead me a story. "

On the other hand, my little guy Jay... sweetest cutest bug in a little rug goes to bed with just a wimper & a thumb sucking. He is sooo sweet, I can't help myself. I go in & watch him in his peaceful little sleep at night for a few minutes. He's starting to roll over a lot lately & sleeping on his side. I took these around 9pm-ish.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh, the Dramatic life of 3 being years old. And a girl.

I wish I could live inside Ellie's little head for a day. Apparently, she is in a clique at daycare. That's right, at the ripe of 3 it begins.....the drama. So this clique would consist of 3 girls. Ellie, Hayley & Addy. Hayley & Ellie refer to Addy as the 'baby.' Anywhooo....when I got to school yesterday, Ellie was clearly sad? She told Hayley that she wasn't her friend because Hayley wasn't being nice to her? such drama for 3 years old! She was sad all night. What happened? did she push you? hit you? take your toy? "No, she grabbed my pink shirt and scared me." Today they friends again. such is life and friends.....

Ellie & Hayley outside. Addy is on Spring break?!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sitting Up!

1/2 of 1

Okay, so my cutie-pie will be SIX MONTHS old on Sunday!!

We had a bit of a rough start when we first brought him home. He may have had his day/nights mixed up....anyone that has gone through a newborn stage, the first few weeks are a giant blur. My surgery went well, but the pain was worse this time for some reason.

After about 4-5 weeks, we figured out Jay's tummy wasn't right....he seemed to have some colic and some acid reflux symptoms. He was always upset and it was touch & go in the way of comforting him. The doctor prescribed him some antacid, which after a few days seemed to do the trick. Even Ellie...trying to console him. pitiful!
He gets cuter everyday!! People...let me just tell you....we have a thumb sucker. he could care less about "BINKY." It's so cute---and i honestly don't know what is cuter, when he discovers it or when he realizes that it is soothing to him.

He smiles...all the time at whatever is in front of him. He likes people faces, bright colors, things that move, like the ceiling fan, of course.

He doesn't like NOISE. Yes, he is noise sensitive. He has done okay in daycare, but he doesn't sleep at well as he does at home because of the noise. When he first started there, the girls said they couldn't talk to him when he was getting his bottle--you had to be quiet, otherwise he got upset. hahah.

He eats solid foods. We tried rice cereal. Then sweet potatoes, pears, peas and this weekend I will try apples. He does okay, but he likes to chew on the spoon. So you have to hold his hand away from the food, otherwise, you can't get any food in there.
Hmmmm, now that i think about it...he has lots of cute little quirks that are his own...wait, isn't that the definition of quirky?
He was sticking his tongue out all the time. it was silly and i wondered & worried if he was defective or something? YES, I did Google it. I'm shameless. it is.. let's keep movin' here.....bath time. Ah, fun. he seems to like it. he doesn't mind it and honestly, i feel so great putting him to bed nice and clean, dry & snuggly warm. Always makes me feel like a good mom.

Well. I'm done for the day. I will try & post a little video too. He is trying so hard to sit up. it's so cute. He really is a cutie!!!!! That picture is him him after bath....lookng at himself in the mirror!!! heehehehe