Monday, September 22, 2008

first fall camping trip

we went camping over the weekend!

to the right, you can see i made a slide show. when i have time this week, I will pull out a few of my favorites--photoshop & post them. i'm testing out a few new cameras & you guys will just have to bear a few more pictures than usual.

for now, click the slideshow to the right.

speaking of birthdays...

I can't believe my little guy is going to be ONE.

I cut out the place, just in case i have any "questionable" readers or stalkers. LOL. It's at nearby park for the activities.

If you are interested in coming, by all means, e-mail me.

baby cupcake party

There is a little girl in Jay's class (his little girlfriend), Maggie. It was her birthday last week. So her mom, my non-blogging work friend Sara, LOL, sent me all the pics from the birthday cupcake party they had at daycare.

I forget that they are like real little people, sitting around eating & talking about whatever. Jay is becoming so social, hahahahha.

Maggie the birthday girl

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

P is for Pancake

Letters of the Week.

Ellie is learning a new letter each week at school. Last week, Quinn's mom--ANGELA, made banana PANCAKES. P, Pancake. Yummmm. So she totally saved me a post...hehehee. Ellie calls pancakes, PANPAKES.

This week-- the letter is D. Maybe I'll be slacker mom & just bring in Dunkin Donuts...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, donuts.

Ellie is also having a D-Day tomorrow....lucky girl.
Errr, that would be Daddy-Day.

Monday, September 8, 2008


So it will be THAT time of year again.

Yep, Halloween. Above are Joe's pumpkins from last year. The big question has now doubled in size...COSTUMES. FUN!!! Last year, they were the Tortoise & the Hare. it was cute & fun.

Although..Ellie HATED the she is below...i made her wear them. she is mad!

This year for her?? I don't know? I may let her decide what to dress as. My guess is that she will pick a princess or a mermaid. I swear, to convince a 3 year old to do anything but what they have already decided--you need to be in sales!

And what about MAX? he always gets left behind...
I don't know that max will live up to being SPIDEY DOG. This Jack Russell is way cooler than

He may be better as a Tarancha-Pet.

For Jay..
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He can't argue yet. He can't decide. He can't walk yet either. So he is ALL mine to dress up however i want. LOL. Another note: HE FINALLY has a few teeth and they are guessed it, vampire teeth! Just like Ellie's first teeth. So-maybe a vampire? OR Ehhh, i don't know.
I can't make him a car freshener....or a whoopi cushion. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA BE?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So I tried it on Ellie....cause she has an equal love of certain foods.....besides chocolate, of course. Please, for the love of pete, don't ask what she is wearing....cause then i may have to actually explain it.

counting down........

We have a few things coming up that are exciting!

well, not sure how exciting it is to you, but for us....stepping out of the day-to-day stuff always proves eventful.

the biggest thing is (drum roll please)

I can't believe he will be 1. He has such a personality. I need to do a little post on all his new milestones....he has also turned out to be a little foodie...he will eat anything and everything.
He def loves outside is the picture of him on the buggy at daycare.
Next up...
Our trip to Jost Van Dyke. The header picture was a snorkeling picture at Norman Island. We need to bump up Ellie in the swimming lessons again & try & get her to understand SNORKELING.....errrrr....already proving interesting.

Soon, the holidays will be here. We are going to Jupiter for Turkey Day & sadly, no Tuscany trip this year. Maybe next year....eeehhhhhmmmmmm Stettners, LOL. Which, i don't think they even read this??? hahaha

We also have a few races coming up. Joe & I are running the 1/2 marathon on the Silver Comet end of October & we ran the 10K Classic on Labor Day... Joe ran it in 58 minutes and i trailed behind at 1:02.

that's it. not much else happening except we've been (me, ellie & jay) have had colds/coughs. We are hoping to relax this weekend & maybe venture to the pool to practice snorkeling in paradise. not a bad problem to have.