Friday, June 27, 2008

a good friday

Since I've had a bustle of activity on the site the last few days, I didn't want to disappoint and not post SOMETHING...heeeheee. Plus, I suspect Miss Tomekia thinks we are stalking her in real life. So I took a couple this morning....

Since 1982 is comin' back in style, (FTLOG, please explain how & why mohawks are now fashionable!?!) please, notice the 1 pony tail on the side of her head.

Jay is so mobile lately. I will take video of him this weekend. He is starting to pull up and yes, even cruise. This is exciting stuff for parents! He loves this walker contraption that was built to run into adults feet and injure & annoy the sh*t outta us. I was putting Ellie in the car & he had this funny look like, "HEY, I'm coming, don't forget me!"
And poor old Max in the background. He looks so pitiful, doesn't he?
Don't let that little guy fool you. He & I have been frequenting the dog park in the evenings. It's like a daily happy hour for them-- running, sniffing and barking. general happy dog things.

I also came across this one from a few years ago & it makes me giggle. He was trying to get a treat or something out of my pocketbook & got stuck.

Last, but NOT LEAST......drumroll, applause & if you are a ZTA reading this, that clappy song that I'm not coordinated enough for....

I'd like to officially send out a big giant congrats to Missy, who just adopted a little girl--GEMMA KATHLEEN !!! As of my late night phone call Wednesday night from a very veklempt new grandmother, Missy is officially a MOM!!! Welcome to the world of sippycups & no sleep!

Sorry, gals, this was the only picture I could drag up of you two......that i can post on a family friendly site at least...(ehhhmm, Kathy, teehee)

Can't wait to meet Gemma!!! Missy, also came across this one. Sorry, but your expression made me laugh. It's clearly a few beers in and I obviously said something stupid......or you're just annoyed with me taking your picture. again. Come home soon!!!! I need someone to annoy & insult since April went MIA. (oops)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ellie, what is the river in Egypt?

Dear Miss Tomekia,

Ellie is in De-Nile.

Elise has moved on from the Pre-1 class to Pre-2. She became very attached to Miss. Tomekia...and hasn't faced facts that she has moved into a NEW class with NEW teachers.

This was yesterday, on the ride home. I was at a long stop light, so it's okay. I wasn't actually driving and filming, and I was wearing my seatbelt-my car dings to remind me of the seatbelt thing.

And if you didn't catch the CRAB HUNTING is the encore presentation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Reel" Big Fish

I was cleaning off my Flip Camera and caught a big one! Dawn, Ruth, John T, Joe, John G & Karen--awesome job reelin' em in!!!

Impressive, Dawn!!

You can do it Ruth!! in 2 parts.....

You had to at least see the pay off...

And don't forget the smallest of our fishers......

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Passport Photos

I've put it off long enough. We have plane tickets in hand for paradise...but Jay has no passport. I was really waiting for him to sit up so i could snap the perfect picture. Ha!! You would think I'm still on all the drugs from last week, cause it ain't happening people!

I will never forget trying to get Ellie's---and in time for our trip to Mexico...(to the nudist colony for Carolyn, teeeheee).

I took her to the Kinko's on Paces Ferry in Vinings figuring it was the fancy place to go for infant passport pictures considering the area. It's high fla-lutent.

Christ, she cried. she wouldn't sit still. she'd just fall over. At one point she just started chewing on the background. There were 2 workers trying to snap just one, just one!!---not even a good one that would fit into the laundry list of governmental criteria of passport pictures.

In the end. I draped a sheet over the front of the couch, got Ellie in a good mood & took it myself.

So, this is what the government has on file for her until the 5 year expiration rolls around. She was so sweet and, BALD.

Luckily, you can still find the exact same step-by-step instructions on how to Photoshop a good Passport Picture.

Well, I attempted it. This morning at daycare, i snapped a few for Jay. He had just woken up. Even Photoshop isn't helping his cause.

He is also, so sweet and wow, not so bald!! I'll keep ya posted.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tree Hugger

Hello All.
If you've talked to me over the last few days, you'll know there has been some drama. I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back (in my sleep no less) rendering me overall useless.....more so than usual at work too. haha. Anyway, Jane came to my rescue. driving up from Florida with a moments notice. she took the kiddos to school each day so i could rest & attempt working from home. Now all the drugs are wearing off and I just feel like I'm having the biggest hangover of my life.

Never a dull moment.

Luckily, Jay & Ellie didn't notice a difference except that they had a fun visit from their grandmother...Ellie got to eat a few more snacks than usual and totally milked staying up late.

Anywhoooo...thanks for all the comments on the pics! I know there are a lot to sort through. Honestly, I'm just way to lazy these days to cull them down or name them. Hopefully, you'll notice there are few diamonds in that ruff.

I always get questions as to who is who since Joe has so many sisters. He has 3. Not 6. So here is a little primer, family tree if you will.

Joe's oldest sister is Dawn, pictured below with Gavin who will be 1 year in July.

Dawn is married to BJ, pictured with a shark. Nice catch!

In addition to Gavin.... Dawn & BJ's first born is Samantha, aka. Sam. She is hands down Ellie's hero! I always get those fun butterflies in my stomach watching them giggle together--they are just so sweet and Ellie never laughs so much as when she is laughing with Sam.

Joe's middle sister is Ruth who is married to John T.
This romantic newlywed couple will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary at the end of the month. Mazel Tov!

Last, but certainly not least is the youngest of the Gildea Gals, Karen. I've known her since she was 10 years old. Here she is with Ellie, who is sportin' the Elmo Undies, LOL.

Let's not forget Grandma Peggy. This is Mr. Gildea's mom. I've never met a feistier granny than mine.....with this spry lady being the exception, of course. No one makes a better margarita than Grandma Peggy, LOL.

Thanks for checking in on us!! Hope everyone is doing well, especially those out west in the flood. My heart goes out to you!

Take care,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St. George Pictures

So i narrowed it down to 435 pictures. This is between my camera & Karen's Canon SLR. She was kind enough to take some family pictures for us. I also caught a few good ones of the 2 girls---who seriously had the most fun of everyone. Loads of fish, sun & fun!!

For Photobucket. You can click into the album in the post below or use my link. The guest password is eatbugs.


St. George Island June 2008

Photobucket Album

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

day 3 st. george island

We are having a great time at the beach. the weather has been cooperating wonderfully, except for this morning. but it gave us a great show while we waited it out. a water spout! it was impressive to say the least. Joe, his sisters, dad & John T. are on the BIG fishing trip out to sea so they will have to see it from my pictures just like you. i will post all the other fun beach photos later.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grandma Jane's Pictures

Jane took a few great pictures when she visited for Memorial Day weekend. We had a very nice visit and our icing on the cake was our visit from the one & only.....MERMAID!!! This would be Carolyn. My near & dear friend who puts up with me for whatever reason. most of you reading this who are family are stuck with me., LOL...Carolyn just sticks to me & i'm happy to have her.

Anywhoooooo....Carolyn & Ellie enjoyed my hammock. It's my favorite place on earth these days besides getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, which, we ALL know will not happen for years (sniffle, sniffle)

A few of Jay enjoying the outdoors.....

hmmmmm, I don't have ANY of Ellie & Jay with Grandma Jane!?? Which is too bad because she is looking & feeling great!!

We did manage a trip to the park. Jay & I hung out at the dog park for Max (no pics, sorry) and Ellie tortured Jane with climbing on the playset ---some of it is nerve wracking because let's face it people, my kid is prone to falling down for no reason & the general-ness of "ouch, that looks like it hurt."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

it's the weekend & officially 1 week away from the beach

We are getting ready to head to the beach for a week (Joe for 2) to none-other than the remote, relaxing & fun-filled island of St. George in Florida- wahoo!! Joe is beyond anxious and already in his 'vacation mode.'

Yesterday, we went to REI & we got a new beach chair (see joe sitting in it, watching the Braves game & yapping with Jim about his boating trip today) and Ellie got Chacos. the fact that they sell them for her size ---what's next for kids?? toooo cute!!

On the bottom of the shoe. it actually says NO WHINING. I have respect for the shoe people having the guts to do that.

So the weekend overall started out a little rough. I was diagnosed with Tonsillitis & an ear infection. Jay was diagnosed with a double ear infection, but it's worse on the right. So, antibiotics for him. His first one. He is also getting 2 teeth on the bottom middle. So he's been up all hours of the night. No pictures of that, sorry, hahah.

Saturday was really nice out. Joe set up our beach tent for Ellie to play in. We couldn't get her out of it & she insisted on eating dinner in it too. At first we didn't want to, but it was so nice out & Jay loves being outside-so here ya go.........

Jay of course gets a bug bite right smack in the middle of his forehead...
Except for the few little bugs, it was a very nice little dinner. Good call, Ellie!
Have a great week!!