Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sippy Cups Have Parts

Today I packed up Jay's last bottle. Now, for those who truly know me...I am not the sentimental type. But for some reason packing the bottles made me think and for the first time in more than four months I found myself here.

FIRST. We are totally onto sippy cups. wahoo!

This is the last time I will ever pack up bottles because my child is growing. They are changing everyday and I swear to you at least once a day I stop and enjoy it. I've never once taken their health and perfectness for granted. Yes, of course the everyday shit can be a pain in the ass----but at the end of the day I know matters. We are not planning for a third, so as i chase all of Jay's "Firsts" and now "Lasts" it does make me feel sad, sentimental and so lucky in the same breath.

This blog. Not necessarily for the entertainment factor or the reader per se, but that the reason I began this blog was for Jay and Elise....a documentation of the different parts of their lives. I don't know if the URL will live forever and when they are running for President and Vice President of the USA, TMZ and People will totally need scoop or they might want to show their friends......I don't know where it will end up in 20 years is my point. But if it does survive they will have all pieces of their life that I wanted to remember or collect for them in some small way. They will always know what I enjoyed about them at that moment and how much they are loved. I can't shortchange them or myself as a parent and for that i'm sorry and I want to try & update more frequently.

That's it for the sap. Show is over. Moving on......

I will do an update fill in the __________ post in the next week. We've obviously been quite busy and on the move. For right now, here is a picture of each of them. I took it this morning the second all of this dawned on me.

Enjoy summer!!


Danielle said...

Carrie! I'm so happy you're back and haven't given up on the blog! It is such a wonderful window into what your life is like at any given moment.

Plus, I love watching your sweet babies grow.

Welcome back to baby blogging!

Anonymous said...

Ruth says: Wahoo!