Monday, August 3, 2009


One day i will learn how to spell the damm place. Ellie & I trekked up to Boston, rented a giant enormous car (btw, my feet don't reach the pedals of an Escalade) and headed NORTH to New Hampshire.
I love my cousin, Jill. It's rare that we get to spend a lot of QT (quality time) together so this was a real treat for me. Her hubby, who ellie now refers to as "special cousin richard" is so fun to annoy & we have a very "picky" relationship. But it's all fun and we can't wait to take Joe & Jay next year.
I gotta run--having to post this in seconds..but enjoy the pics!!
P.S. For those who are still blogger ON the picture to take you to the album.

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Deb Robey said...

Carrie! Love the photos of the girls in the boats! just awesome!