Sunday, September 20, 2009

UPDATES: Random Theme.

Happy New Year!
It is the beginning of the new Jewish Year, 5770 in the Jewish calendar. No matter how far from home, no matter the chaos and no matter how Jewish you are, or not...I truly believe every Jewish person stops and looks around at the life they lead. Most importantly we stop to look in the mirror. It is and always will be a time to self reflect. I will spare you my sap & just wish everyone a Happy and Sweet New Year.
Let's go right for the fun stuff of what we have been up to...... since I totally bite at keeping you updated, shall we....
Let's start with the weekend. It's been raining. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Now, I'm totally content with hanging out inside. Jay too. Ellie & Joe are cut out of the "must do something all the time or I will lose my mind and annoy you to freaking death" cloth. So Joe met the other bored "ants in their pants" parents at Hobby Lobby doing the same thing....what the hell we do inside!!???

Of course, we have the arts and crafts. Ellie made a fun name plate for her bathroom door.
What is really funny to me is Jay. He is really coming into his own quirky personality. He loves to open and close doors....ALL the time. Here Ellie wanted a picture of her and her new work of art and Jay kept opening & closing the door.
Don't forget her new house for our neighborly bird families...
But we can't have the activities that are non-transportable, right? Joe went for the less explosive type. Yes, AIRPLANES....and of course they snuck out in the light sprinkles to take them out for a spin...
We also had a birthday party that was a chocolate store.....YUUUMMMMYYYY. The kids learned about where chocolate comes from and how it's made.

They even got to make their own marshmallow yum stick.

They had a faucet of chocolate. The kids were really good about not sticking their hands in it...but errr, okay, i was the only misbehaved person in there trying to stick my mouth around the edge of the thing. My friend Kathy even took a picture..We were all interested in nature's sweet & yummy chocolate....

I have no transition from Chocolate to Underwear that isn't family i'm just gonna get right to it...
Ellie is getting to be too smart and too old for me. She knows her months, days and starting to figure out how to spell. At Target, we got her new days of the week undies. I think this is so funny that they still sell them. We'll see how long she can keep it up....uhh, and me too with the laundry.

So other than that...for me, I've been trying run & train for a few upcoming races. I ran 7 yesterday and then a 10 mile (swim) this morning in the POURING rain. My poor shoes...soaked!!! Doing 17 miles in 2 days, i felt my shoes were worthy of a mention.
I came home & made a giant pot of vegetable soup. I love the fall and winter for all the soups. That's it for now. We have Halloween coming up & lots of good stuff... Jay's 2nd birthday!!! I am TRYING (guess i should start it, ugghhh) to put together a little video for his 2nd. He is so chatty and has a funny slash grumpy personality that is more charming than I ever expected.
He is trying desperately to learn the stairs. Here is an attempt on our back stairs that are carpeted, so it doesn't freak me out as much as the ones that are hardwood.
L'shana Tova!!



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